WWF Wild Wisdom Online Quiz was organized for the students of class VI – VIII to raise awareness regarding the wild life of our country. It was an opportunity for the students to delve deeper into the amazing mysteries of the wild.


An Inter School Quiz Competition was organized with the objective to inform growing generation of students about the interlink between their culture and heritage. Sophia Senior Secondary School, Bikaner participated whole heartedly. In order to build greater awareness about rich cultural heritage of our country and to promote its preservation the India Quiz was conducted in Seth Tolaram Bafna Academy, Bikaner.
The quiz included two rounds the 1st was a written round with twenty questions that were to be answered in 1 hour. For the second round the students were divided in 4 teams selected from a lot of 152 students from different schools. The theme that was adopted was India's Heritage.
Sophian team comprising Riya Saigal of class X –C, Nandini Singh of class IX – B, Prabshine Kaur of class IX- C and Neetu Prajapat of class X – B ended up by getting the 2nd position. Overall this quiz was quest of knowledge based on our wonderful Heritage. The quiz sensitized the students with the rich cultural diversity that is inherently Indian.


TERI Green Olympiad Quiz was organized in Sophia Senior Secondary School, Bikaner as the institute TERI, The Energy And Resource Institute specializes in the fields of energy, environment and sustainable environment. Students of classes IX – XII participated in the quiz. The objective behind was to test students environment awareness and their analytical skills. Questions on a range of issues related to water, waste energy, air, agriculture, urban landscape, bio diversity, climate change and sustainable development were included in the Quiz that was conducted house wise.


Clean India Mission Rally was organized in our school on 5th October 2019. Students of class VII C started the campaign from the school campus, along with their class teacher and launched a cleanliness drive giving the message to ban plastic. They walked to Bikaner Boys School raising slogans with placards and banners in hands, spreading the message of reducing the use of plastic. The girls started with a short prayer service which was followed by a play depicting the harmful effect of poly bags. They also performed a dance on the song 'Soch Sayani' which gives the message what to use instead of plastic.
Everyone praised the initiative taken by the Principal Sr. Leena in order to promote health care and cleanliness of the environment. The students felt a sense of satisfaction after doing a little towards making their country a little cleaner.


Various District and State Level Tournaments were held in Bikaner District. It is a proud privilege that the students of Sophia Sr. Sec. School, Bikaner participated with great zeal and zest in the tournaments. The students worked very hard and came out with flying colours. They participated in Basketball, Handball, Softball, Table Tennis, Badminton, Lawn Tennis and Athletics. The tournaments were held under 14, under 17 and under 19 categories. 20 Students even participated in CBSE Cluster West Zone Tournaments for Rifle Shooting, Taekwondo, Table Tennis and skating. The school also organized various State Level Coaching camps for Lawn Tennis, Soft Ball, Table Tennis and Basketball. The students actually participated in the camps. These camps proved a boon and helped them in achieving success.
The results of the various tournaments are listed below :
200 students (girls) participated from the school


Under 14


Under 17


Under 19

Runner Up





Under 14


Under 17


Under 19






Under 14


Under 17

Runner Up




Table Tennis

Under 14


Under 17


Under 19






Under 17


Under 14

Runner Up




Lawn Tennis

Under 14


Under 17

Runner Up

Under 19

Runner Up

The School also organized U17 and U19 Lawn Tennis District Level Tournaments for both boys and girls in which many students were selected for various sports. The lists is given below :



10 girls



12 girls

Table Tennis


10 girls



9 girls



3 girls

Lawn Tennis


5 girls



2 girls

Inter House Tournaments were also organized for Senior Students.
Arrangements made by the school and the hard work of both the students and the coaches not only encouraged the students to participate actively and enthusiastically but also paved the way for their success and hence bought glory to all.


The school observed the National Unity Day the birth anniversary of the Iron man of India Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. A special prayer service was organized by the students of class IX B. Readings from the various Holy Scriptures were taken up highlighting the fact that God is one. The students also came to know about Sadar Patel life, works and contribution to the country. It was then followed by a debate which then followed by a debate which threw light on relevance of Sardar Patel's teachings in modern India. The assembly concluded with an oath taken to preserve the unity, integrity and security of the nation.
Later, an essay writing competition was also conducted for the students of class VII C. Thus the activities of the day promoted a feeling of patriotism and integration among the students and paying homage to the true leader who worked tirelessly for the unity and integrity of our motherland.

31st October 2019


Sophia Sr. Sec. School celebrated Diwali festival in the school campus. The stage was decorated beautifully with earthen lamps. Students wore colourful dresses like Rajasthan Lengha, Kurtis with Churidaar, Salwar Suit and Gujrati Dresses. The Chief guest was Father Alwin the vice principal of BBS School.
The program began with a prayer service followed by a beautiful cultural program. All the presentations carried are on the other message and were performed whole heartedly. The principal Sr. Leena gave an empowering Diwali message to the students. She sensitized the students about the ill-effects of crackers. Certainly it was the unique Diwali we had ever celebrated.

19th October 2019


Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance. – St. Francis of Assisi
This Diwali we encouraged the students of classes IX – XII to think about support to charities that take care of people in need.
Students of class XI & XII visited Apna Garh Ashram I & II on 14th &15th Oct. 2019 along with their class teachers and distributed the items that they had collected and interacted with the members. Class X had taken up the initiative to visit the Old Age Home 'Shanti Niwas' on 16th Oct. 2019 and learnt the lesson that its not enough to be just compassionate but we need to act. They distributed rice and sugar packets to the members helping the elderly. On 17th Oct. 2019 students of class IX A also took initiative by collecting grocery items and visited Shri Harikrishan Welfare Society a charitable trust that runs a 24 hr. kitchen in order to help the patients of PBM Hospital. This Pre-Diwali social visits with caring and sharing moments instead of using crackers was the to help the students of Sophia Sr. Sec. School, Bikaner in building a strong bond of brotherhood in the society.

14th – 17th October 2019


Welcoming the festival of lights the students of Secondary Section unfolded their creative abilities in a string of activities. Various competitions were organized for the students of classes VI – XI. The students of class VI engaged in Diya Decoration Competition. They displayed their creativity by decorating the earthen diya beautifully. Pooja Thali Decoration Competition was held for class VII and Curtain Hanging Competition for class VIII. Students of class IX had Lamp Making while class XI showed their creative talents in making Torans and Bandanwars.

14th October 2019


Dr. Anil Sharma was invited to the school morning assembly for a talk on health and hygiene. He spoke to the girls about the importance of developing good eating habits and promoting good family values, the importance of respecting the elders and seeking their blessings early morning. He spoke extensively on the harms of packed food, junk food and street food. He laid stress on eating fresh homemade food to stay healthy. Later, he also demonstrated the correct method to wash hands and how vaccinations are important for the future of our country.

10th – 17th October 2019


Dr. Anil Sharma was invited to the school morning assembly for a talk on health and hygiene. He spoke to the girls about the importance of developing good eating habits and promoting good family values, the importance of respecting the elders and seeking their blessings early morning. He spoke extensively on the harms of packed food, junk food and street food. He laid stress on eating fresh homemade food to stay healthy. Later, he also demonstrated the correct method to wash hands and how vaccinations are important for the future of our country.

7th October 2019


On 4th October 2019 there was a special assembly conducted by the students of class VIII B in the honour of the centenary year of Sophia Sr. Sec. School, Ajmer the first school established by our Founder Rev. Bishop Henry Fortunatus Caumont and Mother Mary Matilda in the year 1919. They came all the way from France to bring a revolution in the female education of Rajasthan .
We also celebrated the feast of St. Francis of Assisi. St. Francis was a 12th century. He is known for his extra ordinary humility, poverty, charity and his extreme love for nature and animals. MSA Sister follow the spirituality of St. Francis of Assisi.

4th October 2019


2nd October 2019 a very auspicious day for all the Indians. Today Sophia Sr. Sec. School, Bikaner celebrated Gandhiji's 150th birth anniversary as well as the Jayanti of Lal Bahudur Shastriji's on this occasion a special assembly was conducted by the students of class VII. The assembly highlighted the importance of KHADI as well as the use of Jute bags as Poly bags are harmful to nature and mankind.
Students took an oath to save water as every drop of water is precious and life without water cannot be imagined as it is our basic need. Saplings were planted all around the campus keeping in mind the motive of clean and green India. Beside this, information regarding Art Integrated Education was imparted to the students as a part of new education policies importance of moral education was also highlighted. A short skit on religious integrity was presented by the students. There was a true spirit of patriotism in the air. The assembly filled everyone's heart with the feeling of responsibility towards the nation.

2nd October 2019

EXCURSION 2019 -2020

According to Francis Bacon travelling is a part of education. An excursion is not just a pleasure trip; it enhances the knowledge of the students beyond the four walls of the classroom. To provide such an enriching experience to students an annual excursion was organized for the students of classes XI & XII in the first week of October i.e 29th Sep. to 4th Oct. 2019 students were taken to Amritsar and Chandigarh. It was to provide them solace and help them form an escape route from the tedium of their nerve wrecking hectic schedule of activities. Their visit to Golden Temple and Wagha Border were enjoyed by them. Students were mesmerized by the panoramic view and the peace that prevail over there. Their visit to the Jallianwala Bagh filled them with the feeling of patriotism and pride. They developed love for nature and got real happiness when they got a chance to visit Penjour Garden and Sukhna Lake. Sightseeing and shopping enrolled them all to such an extent that it reviewed their fatigued spirits. In totality it was a fun filled enjoyable and a memorable trip for them.

29th Sep. to 4th Oct. 2019


The feast day of our principal Sr. Leena was celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm. The day began with a prayer service. Teachers expressed their affection by offering prayers, singing feast songs and presenting cards and bouquets.

23rd Sep. 2019


Students of class VIII B organized a special assembly on the occasion of Exaltation of the Holy Cross. Through their assembly they highlighted that 14th Sep. 2019 is celebrated as the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. The Cross is the ultimate symbol of Christ love, victory, humility and sacrifice. Jesus Christ gave his life for mankind and asked God to forgive those who were his prosecutors. This shows that He is the ultimate epitome of love. M.S.A Sisters truly reflects the values of cross through their vocation. They have made the cross shine on the barren hills of Rajasthan through female education and social work. The students emphasised that it is their privilege to be a small part of their glorious journey.

13th Sep. 2019


Prize distribution ceremony of the 64th District level lawn tennis U-17, U-19 girl tournaments held in Bikaner at Sadul Club was organized by Sophia Sr. Sec. School. Around 30 school with 135 players participated in the event. This award ceremony was conducted in the school auditorium on 9th September 2019. In which awards were given for the various categories. The efforts of the head coach and other coaches without whose support this event would not have been possible were appreciated by all.

9th Sep. 2019


The birth of a girl child is a celebration in itself. Saving the girl child is like saving the whole mankind. So, on 7th September 2019, the school authorities organized a special seminar to celebrate the value and respect of girl child. The seminar started with a special assembly conducted by the students of class VIII C. It was followed by a speech by Mrs. Poonam, Mrs. Sapna and Mrs. Dolly. The teachers gave important and useful tips to maintain and regulate life properly. The seminar came to an end by a motivational speech by our Sister principal. The students came forward and expressed their views which was followed by the students taking an oath to stay hygiene, stay away from mobile phones and to be proud of being a girl. In the primary section a special assembly was conducted by the students of class V – B. Students inspired all giving examples of highly empowered Indian women.

7th Sep. 2019


The feast day of Sr. Seema was celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm. The day began with a prayer service. Teachers expressed their affection by offering prayers, singing feast songs and presenting cards and bouquets.

7th Sep. 2019


It is rightly said that " Girls are no less than men." On 6 September 2019 Friday a special seminar on girl child was conducted in the school campus. The seminar was a motivating one. It began with a meaningful prayer service by class IX A followed by some heart touching video clips and welcoming of the special guest Dr. Shefali Dadhich, an ex-Sophian and an experienced gynecologist by Sr. Principal. She had an inspirational talk with the students of classes IX to XII. She laid emphasis on the problems faced by present day girls. She also encourages the students to have a goal in life and chose it tirelessly and advised them to listen to their elders especially their teachers and parents. It was truly an enlightening and memorable day which made them realize the strength of girls.

6th Sep. 2019


"A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite imagination and instill love for learning."
Management Day and Teacher's Day was celebrated with great fun and enthusiasm on 5th September 2019. A special assembly was conducted followed by dance and came to an end with a beautiful song dedicated to the sisters and teachers as a token of gratitude. The principal Rev. Sr. Leena addressed all the teachers with her inspiring words. She thanked all the teachers for their diligence, sincerity and hard work.
Teachers indulged in fun filled activities that marked the celebration. They sang, danced and played together creating memories to cherish forever. They day came to an end with the scrumptious lunch hosted by the school.

5th Sep. 2019


Water is the most precious gift of nature. It is an essential components of life and is vital for sustenance, without water nothing can live, thus water conservation has become a need of the hour. So, we should all stand together to conserve water to save life.
Spreading this message to save water, students of class VIII C presented a class assembly on 3rd Sep. 2019. Students highlighted some amazing facts about water and urged others never waste it.
Students conducted a small rally 'Pani Bin Jeevan Nahi' to motivate audience to join the mission of saving water.

3rd Sep. 2019


Sophia Senior Secondary School, Bikaner organised a programme on the occasion of National Deworming Day. The Students of class VIII participated, in which they focused on the reasons of STH transmission through a speech and also pondered on the points to reduce worm load
This programme was followed by a rally that covered a distance of about 3 kms. In this rally the children tried to make people aware regarding deworming and hygiene through various slogans and banners.
All the students of Sophia Sr. Sec. School, Bikaner mass administered the ALBENDAZOLE tablets through a single fixed day dose.



Spell Bee Competition was organised for the students of classes VI-VII in the auditorium. The students participated very actively. It proved to be a wonderful learning opportunity for all. It not only helped them learn new spellings but also improved their vocabulary.

31st July 2019


Navneet Drawing Competition was held in the school campus for classes I-X. Various topics were given to the students based on their age group. Students participated very enthusiastically.

27th July 2019


Child Protection Meet 2019 was organised for the mothers of classes KG-VIII. the guest speakers were Dr. Gurmeet Kaur and Mrs. Aruna Bhargava each of them spoke extensively about the need to be careful with the students specially the teenagers who are at risk of child abuse.

20th July 2019


The Child Protection Committee organised a seminar for the students of classes KG - XII. The idea was to tell the students to be vigilant and take care of their physical, mental and emotional self. They were shown videos clips on 'Good Touch' and 'Bad Touch' and to always report such incidents to their elders.

19th July 2019


Safety of the children when they move to and fro from school is of utmost importance for us here in Sophia with this objective in mind. Videos were shown, talks were given on not only traffic rules but also about Child Protection Policy and the drivers were asked to handle the students with care.

16th July 2019


Diary quiz was organised for the students of classes VI - X with an objective to make the students familiar with their school diary, its rules and regulations and also the mission with which the school was set up.

15th July 2019


The ceremony took place in the presence of our Principal Sr. Leena, Sr. Elsie Superior and teachers. The ceremony commenced with the lighting of the lamp followed by the prayer service. The newly elected council took an oath to led by example and uphold the values of duty and integrity.

13th July 2019


KG Staff organised a short prayer service. Flowers and cards were presented. Festal songs were sung.

9th July 2019


The Feast Day of our beloved Superior Rev. Sr. Elsie was celebrated on 4th of July 2019 with amidst joy and cheer. The staff conducted a special prayer service along with floral greetings and cards. The teachers expressed their sentiments towards their Superior for being a constant source of strength, motivation and inspiration.

4th July 2019


School Re-opened after the summer break, special prayer assembly was conducted by the students of class IX A welcoming the new sisters.

1st July 2019


School bid farewell to its beloved sisters Rev. Sister Virgin, Sr. Usha, Sr. Kripa and Sr. Sunita. The teachers conducted a prayer service. Presented cards, gifts and flower bouquets as a token of gratitude. A powerpoint presentation was shown highlighting their journey in their school.

12th May 2019


The school saw the retirement of its two senior teachers Ma'am Sujata Chouhan and Mrs. Manjulata. The students expressed their heartfelt gratitude by organizing a small cultural program. Gifts, cards and flowers were also presented by the students, staff and management.

11th May 2019


A group of 29 students went to Jodhpur to participate in MUN and won the Best Delegation Award.

3rd to 6th May 2019


4th May 2019 was celebrated as Helper's Day to acknowledge the efforts of class IV employees. Students of class VIII A expressed their gratitude through a special assembly. The other activities that marked the day were a small funny skit, dance performances and games. The principal said that the school appreciates the hard work of the Class IV Staff throughout the year

4th May 2019


Foundation Day was observed with great reverence. Students of class IX B conducted a special assembly remembering not only the founders but also highlighting the contribution of MSA Sisters in the upliftment of girl child, sick and the downtrodden.
Ms. Rita Bihmaya took the girls to Ajmer to take part in the Inter-Sophia School English Debate Competition.

26th April 2019


With great joy and enthusiasm the school celebrated the feast of their beloved Principal Rev. Sr. Virgin. A special assembly was conducted by the students of class IX B. Festal songs were sung. The staff and students expressed their love and gratefulness by presenting cards, flowers.

22nd 2019


Students of class VIII B conducted a special assembly on the significance of the Holy week. Various events like Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday were highlighted through a small skits.

4th April 2019


The school fondly remembered its father founder Bishop Fortunate Henri Caumont. The students of class XII C conducted a special prayer service highlighting the life and works of Rev. Bishop who was a dynamic personality and a born leader infused with a powerful experience which he shared with downtrodden, the lost and the forsaken.

4th April 2019


The school reopened for the academic year 2019-20 on 1st April 2019. The day began with a prayer service invoking God Almighty's blessings on one and all. The highlight of the day was the Annual Award Distribution Ceremony. Amidst much joy, cheer and applause the students received their merit certificates and memories. The diligence and perfect attendance awards were also presented to the teachers. Special exemplary awards were given to Ms. Rita Bhimaya, Mr. Hanuman Sharma and Mr. Vinay Beri.

1st April 2019


The results for the Annual examination 2018-19 were declared on
LKG - HKG was on 23-03-19
I - V was on 25-03-19
VI-IX and XI was on 27-03-19

23,25,27 March 2019

Sophians Day

The Feast Day of our Co-founder Rv. Mother Mary Matilda was celebrated in the Physics lab. A prayer service was held to thank God for his blessings and for protection so that we continue to work with each other, building on the foundation laid by our founder father to make Sophia grow to become a beacon of light to lead those who seek truth and justice, peace and equality. We also prayed for our sisters who make it their concern to work for lasting values; values that are integral to the preservation and advancement of society and the world. We prayed specially for Sr. Maud as she celebrated her Feast Day thanking God for the living faith that grounded her through all the joys and sorrows and asking God to be with her and provide her with a future full of love, blessings and guidance.

14 th March 2019

Staff Picnic

Staff picnic- The school had organized an excursion to Shimla. The teachers and co-workers need rest and entertainment after working hard for the whole year. The Shimla trip provided them with this much needed leisure. Sixty members of the staff had a great time at a two day trip to Shimla, Kufri and Mashobra in the last week of February 2019.

25th to 28th Feb. 2019

Annual Examination Begin

Annual exams begin for classes I-IX and XI.

22nd Feb. 2019

Parents Teachers Meeting

Parent teacher meeting is an opportunity to refine the child's individual learning plan and to make sure the roles of teacher, student and parents are clear, specific and designed to bring out the best in each child.

2nd Feb. 2019


36th State Level Handball Tournament held at Lalgarh Jatan - Sriganganagar
Dated 14 to 17 June 2018. 8 girls participated and got a cheque of Rs. 1579/- each along with team manager Mrs. Shivani Shekhawat.Read More

31 January 2019

Class XII Farewell

Our students enjoy every moment in school and transform themselves from young, nervous, self-conscious children into mature, charismatic and dynamic individuals. Students of class XI bade farewell to the senior most students of the school on 31 January, 2019 with great zest and exuberance.
The Students of class XI, presented a very interesting comedy skit, stupendous dances and song performances. The grand function culminated with a group photograph and scrumptious lunch. The enthusiastic seniors were bound to take back wonderful memories of the day. A token of love was given to all the outgoing students, the day was filled with nostalgia, fun and excitement!

31 January 2019

Swine flu Awareness Seminar

The students and staff members of Sophia Senior Secondary School participated in a seminar on swine flu organised by the District Health Department here on Monday, 28th January 2019.
At the seminar, Dr Ashok Verma, nodal officer of the Health Department, sensitised the participants to precautionary measures to prevent swine flu. Dr Ashok Verma said, "Taking care of personal hygiene and avoiding public contact are important measures during this season. Boosting immunity by simple measures such as drinking plenty of fluid, adequate rest and repeated hand washing can prevent swine flu." Dr Ashok Verma, health officer, said the greeting gesture with folded hands of the Indian culture should be preferred instead of handshake during this season.

28th January 2019

Republic Day Celebration

"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults."
The 70th Republic Day was celebrated with patriotic fervour and gaiety in the school. The celebrations commenced with the unfurling of the national flag by the Chief Guest, Mrs. Meena Pandey and the Principal, Rev. Sr. Virgin, followed by the National Anthem and the march past. The celebrations began with a special assembly during which various cultural items were presented by the students. Students pledged their allegiance to the flag and promised to carry their nation to greater heights and achieve success in various walks of life. The school celebrated the occasion with patriotic songs and cultural dances performed energetically by the students. The Chief Guest Mrs. Meena Pandey, in her speech motivated the students to be enlightened citizens of the country. Sweets were distributed to all the students after the celebration.

26 January 2019

CENTENARIO ZEST 2019 Inter School English Essay Competition

"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults."
The Essay-writing Competition was held on 19th January 2019 for secondary school students. Essay writing is not just a method of academic assessment, but also an art. Our school is dedicated to helping students to develop strategies to become more confident, critical and autonomous writers.

19 January 2019


English Speech Competition Students of class V participated with great enthusiasm and expressed their vies very boldly and confidently. Ma'am Dolly Sharma and Ma'am Shivani Shekhawat graced the occasion with their presence as judges.
Winners were declared as follows
First      Naura Khursheed    V-B
Second    Bhuvi Sharma    V-C
Third    Jahanvi Choudhary    V-B
25th January 2019 Dance performance on Ravindra Manch
The students of Sophia School, class V mesmerized the people of Bikaner, on the eve of Republic Day at Ravindra Rangmanch with a foot stepping dance performance on the song - Aye Watan Mere Watan. The children were awarded with certificates and mementos by the guest of honour.

19th January 2019


A Value-Education Seminar was conducted by Sh. Indra Singh Rajpurohit on January 9, in the school auditorium.The seminar was attended by the students of classes VI -IX and XI.
Sh. Indra Singh Rajpurohit recited shlokas from the Bhagavad Gita for the students. The Bhagavad Gita is a karma-based scripture and inspires everyone. There is a requirement to show students the moral path to divert them from evils like cyber-crime and consumerism, and instill trustworthiness, responsibility and respect. Inclusive ways like prayers, projects and social activities are taken up by the school to promote value in education.

9 January 2019


What a great start to the year! After the refreshing and rejuvenating holidays we are all ready to start the new year. It is always great to see happy faces at school.
Pre-Board Exams:8 January 2019
Pre-boards are very significant for the preparation of board exams.
They make students familiar with types of questions they will be facing in the main exams and time available to attempt the questions. Pre board exams were conducted for the students of class X and XII.

7 January 2019


The beautiful festival of Christmas was celebrated with zeal and zest in the school auditorium. It's a festival which gives the message of peace, love and forgiveness. The students of primary section conducted the Christmas play and beautiful carol was sung by the students of class VI & VII. The carol filled the air with festivity. Santa too made a grand entry in the school auditorium packed with children. The delight was uncontained as he danced on the stage.

22 December 2018


Classes V to VIII visited MKD School to witness their beautiful Art and Craft Exhibition on 20th Dec. 2018. There were several themes like traditional dresses, ancient Egyptian Civilization, science & technology and their impressive projects. The volunteers were very elegant and it was really an amazing experience for the Sophans.

20 December 2018


A special assembly was conducted by the students of class X- C in the topic Ecology on 19th December 2018. it was conducted in order to aware the students to protect , improve, preserve and enhance the environment for the present and future generation.
The pleasant afternoon of 19th December 2018 brought smile on the faces of all the winners of various competitions that were held in the month of November 2018. They were praised and rewarded with certificates for their hardwork. Prizes were given by Sr. Virgin, the principal of the school.

19 December 2018


"It's not enough to be compassionate, you must act" Dalai Lama
Recently Sophia School conducted a week long social service in order to uphold and promote kinship of all human beings.
On 10th December, the school organized a social visit to Rani Bazer behind railway station and the public park area in order to help the needy in collaboration with 92.7 Big FM. The office bearers along with Sr. Principal SR. Virgin and a few staff members distributed the items that were collected.
On December 11, students of class XII along with their class teachers paid a visit to 'Apna Ghar Ashram' where they interacted with the old and differently abled members of the ashram. They had taken of love. Students learnt that they can take such actions in their daily lives to uphold and promote kinship of all human beings.
On 17th December, Sr. principal, Students of class VIII along with their class teachers visited Zion International school in Surandhana village, approx 45 km from Sophia Bikaner. Our Children performed a song as well as a Nukkad Natak. This was done to raise awareness about importance of Education, Pardah system, Swachh Bharat and Gender equality. Blankets and other Grocery items were distributed to the villagers.
On 18th December students of class VI, VII & VIII visited the BBS Sponsored School at Nal in order to share the joy and peace of Christmas with them.
on 19th December, Students of Class IX and XI pond a lovely visit to the slum dwellers of Ambedkar Colony and the old ages home. Sewa Sadan Behind Sophia School. Finally Children's learnt more about true life especially about sharing and caring.

17 December 2018


The students of class XII and X visited the ST. Xavier's Catholic Church on 15th and 18th December respectively. The ambience of the church gave the students absolute peace of mind. the asked the Lord for his holy blessings upon them so that they could perform well in their forth coming Board Examinations.

15 & 18 December 2018


A motivational session was conducted in the school auditorium on 12th Dec. 2018. Sr. Swapna, an assistant professor of zoology and Mam Neelam Bhatia, assistant professor of political science from Sophia College, Ajmer enriched the students of class X and XII with their inspiring words. Sr. Swapna enlightened the students about Sophia Girls College, Ajmer which is an autonomous body. In her talk she said that Sophia Girls College, Ajmer is sledded with impressive infrastructure, dedicated teachers and hard-working management, the college is one of the oldest beacon of women's education in India. The college encourages the development of emotional, intellectual and holistic aspects of students along with the usual ones.

12 December 2018


On the occasion of Human Rights Day that is celebrated annually across the world on December 10 every year. Sophia school organized a social visit to Raine Basera, behind railway station and the Public Park area in order to help the needy in callobration with 92.7 BIGFM. The office bearers along with Sr. Principal Sr.Virgin and a few staff members distributed the items collected by the students from KG to Higher Secondary level in order to make the day a special one. Speaking on the occasion Sr. Virgin thanked the students and their parents for their valuable contribution to help the people having fewer rights and opportunity.

10 December 2018


The Feast Day of our Manager Sr. Usha was celebrated on Saturday. 8th of December in a very special and spiritual way. A meaningful prayer service was conducted. It was started by the Bible reading by Sr. Usha followed by an inspirational song "Here I am Lord" and petitions were read out by teachers laying Sr. Usha in the hollow of Lord's palm. Later teachers presented a beautiful bouquet and a card to their dear sister Usha.

8 December 2018


Sr. Usha, the superior of the school planned on Advent prayer service for the teachers on 1 December 2018 in order to make the beginning of the Christmas Celebration.

Sister gave the message that Advent is the season of promise. In this season we worship and prepare for the birth of a baby in a humble stable in Bethlehem and remind ourselves that this child will become the savior of the world who will return again in power of glory to draw all his children together with songs of everlasting praise. Later on teachers were asked to choose a card at random with the name of a staff member which was to be kept a secret remembering the member in this prayers till the day of Christmas celebration.

1 December 2018


A grand Art and Craft exhibition was organized on 1st Nov. 2018 in the Sophian premises. The Chief Guest was Ms. Siddhi Kumari, MLA, Bikaner East and an alumini of Sophia Senior Secondary School, Bikaner.
Beautiful art and craft work made by the students from class KG to XII was on display.
The KG Section presented God's Creations as nature is the art of God using eco-friendly paper and converting the centre area into a beautiful garden. The festive decor was by the first class and the hanging glory by the students of class second. Among the other themes beautiful potteries by class third and the rug paradise by the students of class fourth. The trash to treasure really converted the waste material into a real treasure. It was perfectly displayed on by the fifth standard students. The middle section came forward with fabric work depicting Rangoli Rajasthan with beautiful tie and dye duppattas and the modern T-Shirts made by the students of classes sixth to eighth. The best part was the Oxy-Zone by ninth standard highlighting the use of paper bags, jute bags and cloth bags made the students as we all know that the use of Poly Bags is poisoning our natural environment. The modern and the old kitchen was on display by the tenth standard students and finally Romanticism was highlighted beautifully with Jahangir's court and Juliet's Balcony by the senior most classes, class eleventh and twelfth.
The exhibition was much appreciated by the honourable guests and also got on overwhelming response both from the children and guardians. In the end it can be sand that the God's creations inspire us throughout our life and remain in our heart forever. Beautiful things refreshes our souls, rejuvenates us soothes our frazil nerves.

1st Nov. 2018

Seminar : Health Awareness

An informative and educational seminar was conducted by a team of doctors - Dr. Manju Sharma, Dr. Anita Beniwal and Dr. Gurjeet Kaur on 23rd October 2018, for the classes IX-XII on the topic Health Education.
Doctors were invited to inculcate general awareness about the common ailments among the adolescents. Dr. Manju Sharma from the WHO gave a brief account on the problems faced by the young girls in today's scenario whether it be due to peer pressure, stress or emotions. Dr. Anita Beniwal informed the students about the gynae problems due to changes during the adolescence and the last but definitely not the least, Dr. Gurjeet Kaur apprised young girls about the role that a healthy and nutritional diet plays in our day-to-day circumstances. She also presented the topic of increasing rates of addiction among today's youth which is a serious cause and significant measures should be taken in order to protect our coming generation from these vicious acts. The objective of the seminar was to instill a sense of understanding among the students about the dramatic changes occurring in their bodies and how to deal with them maturely. This seminar was a success as all the students showed keen interest throughout the seminar and the sisters and teachers were well pleased with the issues that were discussed by the doctors. The seminar was very informative and provided the students with enormous knowledge on various aspects of teenage concerns, emphasising on the need to be self aware and to take care of our physical, mental and emotional well being.

18t-20th October 2018

Student's Picnic

A school trip was organized on 18th October 2018 for classes VIII and IX and on 20th October 2018 for classes VI, VII and XI to Jodhpur. It was a fun filled trip away from school and home where students learnt in a totally different environment. They started their trip from Sophia Sr. Sec. School at 4:45 a.m and reached Machia Biological Park in Jodhpur, a small park exhibiting local wild life, with a nature interpretation centre. After lunch the students went to see the Umed Bhawan at 3:30 p.m. It was an amazing place and the site worth seeing. There were many beautiful artifacts of historical importance. By 5:00 pm They started their journey back to Bikaner. It was a memorable trip for all the students as they got to learn a lot of things in an interesting way. The students would cherish it throughout their life.

18t-20th October 2018

World Anesthesia Day Celebrated In Sophia

On the occasion of the world Anesthesia Day Sophia School, Bikaner organized a seminar on 16- October- 2018 for its students to make the aware of 'COLS i.e compression Only Life Support'. the event was led by Dr. Anita Pareek, HOD, Anesthesia, along with a few session Doctors and professors, Dr. Kanta Bhati, Dr. Sonali Soni, Dr. Kivri Vyas, Along with some P.G students, Dr. Komal, Dr. Priyanka and Dr. Manish. The team of the reputed doctors guided the Sophian family that they can also be a life saver. Whenever a person faces a cardiac arrest or become unconscious, how timely help can be important. After that, a small risk was performed by post graduate students. At lat there was a Question - Answer round and our students could answer each and every question very well. The students were also allowed to do a workshop for COLS. The doctors thanked the school management for giving them an opportunity of educating hundreds of children about this issue.

16th OCTOBER 2018

Feast Of St. Francis Of Assisi

"Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible." - Saint Francis of Assisi A special prayer service was conducted on 4th Oct, 2018 to show respect to the patron Saint.

8th Oct. - 12th Oct. 2018

Special Prayer Service on Gandhi Jayanti and Shastri Jayanti

Sophia has always been a fountain of glory for all its students. Thus on the promising occasion of Gandhi Jayanti and Lal Bahudur Shastri Jayanti a special prayer service was conducted by the students of class VII C in the assembly ground. During the prayer service a beautiful meaningful incident from Gandhiji's life was depicted by the students. A devotional ambience prevailed during the prayer service. There was an essence of patriotism in the air. The assembly filled every ones heart with a feeling of responsibility towards the nation Mother India.

2 October 2018

A Seminar by Procter and Gamble

"Educate a girl and change the world" Sophia School has always been providing greater opportunities to girls in order to empower them. Every month all around the world there are girls who don't know what's happening when they suddenly get their menstrual period and sometimes face shame and embarrassment. In order to create awareness regarding this issue a seminar was conducted by Procter and Gamble company in the school auditorium for the students of class VI and VII. Miss Parul Jain was the resource person to conduct this seminar. She said that the onset of periods is one of the biggest changes puberty brings for girls at the age of 9 to 16 years. Videos were shown related to the menstrual cycle and she further explained that it is just a normal process. She emphasized on the use of right kind of sanitary napkins during periods. One needs to change the napkin after every six hours. Hygiene should be the top priority. At the same time, light exercise and hot water intake was insisted upon in order to get rid of cramps. Furthermore one should take both twice a day during their periods. Finally it was conducted with a message that beautiful girls should be given the power to choose the way of life, they want to lead and let their mind grow aesthetically.

1 October 2018


The school witnessed The English Declamation and Debate Competition. All the participants put in their best foot forward and conveyed the message with clarity, emotions and persuasiveness. The entire ambience pulsated with fervor and zeal. The topic for the debate 'Social networking sights in a particle sense are a boon' and ' Should children be made responsible to take care of their parents in old age'. Captivated the young minds and brought forth some very interesting perspectives from the debaters.

2 August 2018


The school bid an emotional farewell to their beloved teacher Ma'am Neelam Kamra on 28th July 2018. To honour 35 years of her service the school organised a small cultural program. The highlight was a powerpoint presentation 'Down the Memory Lane'. Where everyone wished her good luck and a blissful journey ahead. The school fraternity also presented her gifts and bouquets as a token of their love and gratitude.

28 July 2018


English and Hindi Recitation Competition was held in KG Assembly Ground. LKG and HKG groups participated and few dressed up according to their poems. r. Maud and Mrs. Garima were the judges.

27 July 2018


With great joy and excitement the school celebrated the feast day of the Primary Incharge Sr. Kripa. Cards and flower bouquets were presented to her along with lots of love and affection.

27 July 2018


In order to restore eco balance an afforestation drive was taken up with all seriousness. Students led by the Principal and teachers planted saplings and fenced and watered them. It was definitely an enriching experience for all of them.

17 July, 2018


The staff members gathered in the Physics lab for a short meeting presided over by the Principal Sr. Virgin. The purpose was to give the necessary guidelines to the teachers at the onset of the new session. The Principal congratulated the teachers for excellent board results. They were also asked to gear up for the forthcoming art and craft exhibition. The new teachers were introduced and welcomed.

28 June, 2018


With an aim to create effective mentors, an orientation programme was organized for the teachers. It was conducted by Rev. Father Romel (Diocese of Jaipur). It consisted of a session on education for social change, miracle of positive thinking and the five paths for self transformation. Father concluded by stating that teachers are the greatest assets in the society. They have the ability to inspire, empower and foster environments of self confidence, passion and nurture the lives of students.

29 June, 2018


Ipshita Arora of class HKG - A won the first prize in Mr. & Miss Fashion Expose 2018 Modeling and Dancing Show for 'Junior Best Walk' and 'Junior Fashionista 2018' organized by Rajasthan Patrika.



A seminar on "ethics and spirituality" was conducted by Rev. Fr. Clement Coutinho for the teaching staff members of Sophia School, Bikaner on 28th Nov., 2018. The teachers were motivated to focus on their individual identity as souls instead of bodies. Father Clement explained that the soul is more worthy than all successes in life. He emphasized on faithfulness to one's duties as he quoted that 'Fidality is more important than success.' Further the seminar enlightened the teachers as they learnt to imbibe the right priorities in life, and to think in a positive manner. The teachers were benefitted a lot from the seminar and thus were motivated to have positive outlook in life.

28 November 2018


27th November became a special day for the students of class IX - XII as a seminar based on moral standards was conducted by Rev. Fr. Clement Coutinho from Jodhpur. Fr. Clement is a highly spiritual youth trend setter, motivator, an avid orator and a man of God and faith. He roused and influenced the students of class IX, X, XI and XII with his promoting words. He began with an interesting question "Are you all Happy" was a stimulating start to the whole seminar. He remarkably made the students understand the deeper importance of vision and mission in their lives. He emphasized on the fact that "Future is not a product past is not a museum; so live n present and progress" laid great impact on students. He also asked the students to travel within themselves and to be realistic. Beautifully it was an inspiring and empowering start in the lives of the students.

27 November 2018


Students of class X C went to participate in a rally on 26th Nov. 2018. The aim of the rally was to achieve hundred percent polling of votes. Many schools along with the NCC (National Cadet Corps) participated in the massive rally. The students were full of enthusiasm. A human chain was formed opposite to the District Collectrate office that attracted great attention from the passerby's. The students then solemnly pledged to avail their voting rights in future and also to spread awareness among the people so that they too may make use of their voting rights and to make the elections a fully fair and democratic one.
Sophians have their hopes high that their message had reached maximum number of people and their aim of hundred percent polling of votes be accomplished in the upcoming elections.

26 November 2018


The month of November was declared as constitution month, an array of activities were organized for the students. A week long assembly was conducted by the students of class IX C to mark the occasion of Constitution Day on 26th Nov. 2018, where the students took a pledge to adopt and enact the constitution of the Nation. The children were explained how and when and by whom the constitution was formed.
Fancy Dress competition for classes VI-VII was held beautifully. The children dressed up as popular national leaders performed enthusiastically. Declamation speech competition was organised for the students of class XI. The students expressed their views as various leaders associated with the constituent assembly. They displayed their skills of punctuation, fluency and voice modulation. Hindi speech competition for class X was held. Students displayed their talent in Hindi Speech Competition. The topic was Dr. B.R Ambedkar and our constitution.
Extempore speech competition was also the part of the activities especially meant for class IX. The students were asked to pick chits for the topics associated with various subjects such as current issues social science etc. The students were judged on the basis of content, confidence and clarity of speech presence of mind etc.

24 November 2018


The students actively participated in a rally to spread the word about the importance of voting and the right to vote. The rally was organized by District Collectorate to motivate the voters to cast their votes righteously.

20 November 2018


The teachers and children remembered Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru our first Prime Minister on 14th November 2018, the children's day with a beautiful and meaningful prayer service conducted by the teachers. Children arrived at school dressed in colourful clothes and were full of excitement. Later on they danced their heart out to the DJ music and the highlight of the day was their participation in the lucky draw. Overall the day was a 'lucky one' for some and joyous for all.

14 November 2018


Religion in India is characterized by a diversity of religious beliefs and practices. India is a land where most of the religions of the world flourish in great harmony with each other. Religious diversity and religious tolerance are both established in the country by the law and customs. Students from class VIII to XII gathered in the school auditorium for the special assembly emphasizing inter-faith in India. Children understood the teachings of different religions. Sr. Principal Sr. Virgin in her message stressed on the 'Devotion to one God'. To conclude it can be said that the motto of all religions is to have virtues of kindness, purity of heart and mind.

13 November 2018


The celebration of Diwali, the festival of lights came alive at Sophia Senior Secondary School, Bikaner on 3rd November 2018 when the stage wore a festive look. A special assembly was conducted by the students of Secondary section with devotion and excitement. Principal Sr. Virgin sensitised the students about the ill-effects of crackers. The message she gave to the students was to have a pure heart and to light their souls as God himself as light. Colourful dresses were worn by the students and the DJ added much fun and enjoyment to the celebration.

3 November 2018

Sr. Sunita's Feast Day

Feast Day of our dear Sr. Sunita was celebrated with simplicity on 17th September 2018. A short prayer service was conducted by the sisters and teachers seeking God's blessings for our dear sister in all her endevours. A card and bouquet was offered as a token of our sincere love and gratitude for our dear Sr. Sunita.

17 September 2018

Spell Bee Competition 2018-19

"Spelling is important because it aids in reading. It helps cement the connection that is shared between sounds and letters."
A spell bee competition was organised for the students of classes VI to VIII in their respected classes so that there could be 100% participation. Children participated earnestly in the competition. Their efforts and initiative was appreciated by all. The students dueled through the toughest words. The competition was a wonderful learning source for all the participants. This competition helps students improve their spellings, enrich their vocabulary, learn concepts and develop the use of correct English

15 September 2018

Exaltation of the Cross

"Spelling is important because it aids in reading. It helps cement the connection that is shared between sounds and letters."
Students of class VIII-C organised a special assembly on the occasion of Exaltation of the Holy Cross. Through their assembly they highlighted that 14th September is celebrated as the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. The Cross is the ultimate symbol of Christ love, victory, humility and sacrifice. Jesus Christ gave his life for mankind and asked God to forgive those who were his prosecutors. This shows that he is the ultimate epitome of love. M.S.A Sisters truly reflects the values of cross through their vocation. They have made the cross shine on the barren hills of Rajasthan through female education and social work. The students emphasised that it is their privilege to be a small part of their glorious journey.

13 September 2018

Management Day and Teachers Day Celebrations

To celebrate the very essence of Management Day and Teachers Day, the students of class X, XI, XII along with the teachers and sisters presented a simple and elegant programme to express their love for their Sisters and teachers. The day began with a special prayer service with special emphasis on the "Parable of the Sower". The students paid homage to their sisters and teachers through poems, melodies and dances giving a warm appreciation to all. Our Principal, Rev. Sr. Virgin lauded the entire staff far their exemplary contribution to the school's phenomenal success. Ma'am Sujata delivered the vote of thanks expressing gratitude towards our dear sisters and appreciated their sincerest efforts in the amelioration of the school.

12 September 2018

Girl Child Day

8th September was observed as a very special day as we celebrated it not only as 'Girl Child Day' but also as the birthday of our beloved Mother Mary. To mark this very special day the students of class VIII-B conducted a prayerful assembly praying for all the girls all over the world. They highlighted that every girl is a precious gift. She is born in the image and likeness of God, equal in dignity as much as a boy. They even emphasis that girls are not equal to boys but better than them. The assembly concluded with the inspiring words of our dar Sr. Principal Rev. Sr. Virgin motivating the students to recognise their special powers and stand strong facing the challenges life brings courageously and bodly.

8 September 2018

Special Assembly - Teacher's Day

Students of class VIII-B organised a special prayer service for their behaved teachers with zeal and zest. A special morning assembly was held in which the students paid homage to their teachers by seeking God's blessing. The day started with a short speech or Dr. Saravpalli Radakrishnan whose birthday is celebrated as teachers day. It ended with a small gift that was offered as a token of their love and gratitude to their beloved teachers.

5 September 2018

Special Assembly - Janmashtami

A special assembly was conducted by the students of class VIII - A on the occasion of Janmashtami. They won the soul of the spectators by dressing in the attire of Krishna depicting the various stages of Lord Krishna's life, from his incarnation till the Mahabharata where he guided Arjuna to follow the route of Karma, Dharma, Love and devotion. The melodious couplets, sung by one of the student added solemnity to the ambience.
The assembly concluded with a message on the significance of Janmashtami as a festival which encouraged goodwill and togetherness.

1 September 2018


The students, staff and management of the school celebrated 72th Independence Day with great zeal, enthusiasm and patriotism in the school campus on 15th August 2018. The beginning of the event was marked by unfurling our National flag by our chief guest Mrs. Manju Lata, followed by march past. A short cultural programe was organised which highlighted the respect and passion the students have for their country and motherhood.

15 August 2018


Hindi Debate competition was held for the students of classes IX and X. The topic for the students of class IX was "Whether students should study in co-education or not". The topic for the students of class X was "Good and bad effects of newspaper on the society". All the participants spoke with confidence and left everyone awestruck.

4 August 2018


The students of class XII Commerce conducted a special assembly on the topic Women Empowerment with a candle light march, bringing out the fact that if empowered, the hands that rock the cradle can rule the world, complimenting, contributing and creating a better tomorrow for everyone.

20 April 2018


Staff and students celebrated the feast day of the Principal with great joy and enthusiasm. The day began with a prayer service. The children showed their love and gratitude by offering cards and bouquets. Teachers expressed their affection by offering prayers, singing feast songs and presenting cards and bouquets. A special PowerPoint presentation was put up highlighting her journey in the past two years of her service in Sophia Bikaner.

19 April 2018


As a part of the government's awareness campaign against child marriage on the occasion of Akshaya Tritya a rally was orgainsed in which the Sophians participated along with other school children. They displayed banners, play cards etc with a great deal of enthusiasm to root out this social evil.

13 April 2018


On 04 April 2018 the school paid homage to its Founder Father Henri Fortunate Caumount. A special prayer service was conducted in his remembrance. It reflected not only on the life and works of his pious soul, but also on the fact that he was a true visionary and how he continues to inspire us.

04 April 2018


On 14th March, 2018 Sophian fraternity gathered in the physics lab in order to celebrate the feast of our co-founder Mother Mary Matilda and our beloved Sr. Maud who is like a lamp in this shrine of Sophia.
Mother Mary Matilda loved challenges, experienced hardships and her selfless dedication has given us this beautiful temple of "Sophia".
A special prayer service was organized by the teachers seeking abundant blessings from the Almighty on sr. Maud.

14th MARCH, 2018


A picnic is more than eating a meal, it's a pleasurable state of mind and to bring this state of mind Sophia School, Bikaner organized a picnic for the teachers to Delhi and the Kingdom of Dreams at Gurugram on 19th March, 2018. It was a good break for teachers from their usually hectic busy schedule, a pleasant experience, still fresh in one's mind.

19th TO 22nd MARCH, 2018


Jesus and Mary Senior Secondary School, Bikaner conducted a seminar for CBSE school teachers on 24 February 2018.
72 teachers from various CBSE school attended the seminar. The director Dr. Tanveer Malawat and the Principal Mr. Sunil Benjamin invited Sr. Virgin as patron and as a resource person for the seminar.
The topic - 'Value Education in schools'
1. Purpose of Education
2. main responsibility of educational intuitions
3. failure of education system
4. our goals as educators

24 February 2018


A prize distribution ceremony was held in Sophia Sr. Sec. School on 23rd February 2018 for the session 2017-18. The successful students in various fields such as academically meritorious, being the most helpful student and students with special talents were honored with certificates and prizes. The programme culminated with an encouraging speech by the Principal Sr. Virgin.

23rd FEB 2018


CBSE organised a two day capacity building programme on 15th & 16th February 2018 in Bikaner. The host school was Vivekanand Senior Secondary School. A few senior teachers of Sophia senior secondary school attended the workshop. The objective of the workshop was to provide a platform to question, learn and share knowledge regarding the choice of career. The interactive session was conducted by Mrs. Kamaljeet Yadav as the resource person. He is the Principal of Subodh School, Jaipur. The handouts that were given to the teachers were regarding the following:-
1. Understanding career development.
2. Strategies and resources for imparting career information.
3. Career guidance for students with special needs and
4. Relationship of subjects of study with different careers.
Participants were told about the importance of career guidance in an arena of choices. Resource persons expressed that the roll of a teacher is crucial in Career Guidance. A student can make right career choice if teachers integrate carrier information with subjects. The workshop ended with a note that systematic and planned set of activities at Secondary and Senior Secondary level can help children to make a good future choice.

17th-24th Feb 2018


Sophia teachers gathered in the school auditorium on 17th February 2018 and once again on 24th Feb 2018 in order to discuss the objectives of the 'Child Protection Policy' laid down by the Society of Mission Sister's of Ajmer. The policy is meant to ensure that children attending the school are protected from physical, sexual and emotional abuses. Guidelines for the child protection were read out by the teachers of different departments. The guidelines made the staff members understand the need of protection of the dignity and rights of the children.

17th-24th Feb 2018


Since class 10th and 12th board exams are approaching students are particularly worried about getting good grades. Prime Minister Narendra Modi held an interactive session with school and college students on 16th February 2018 to discuss the importance of stress-free exams. The session 'Pariksha Par Charcha' was aired in our school. The students gathered in the school auditorium in order to witness the Prime Minister's speech and were encouraged to ask questions and share stress relieving techniques. In his speech PM Modi insisted that the students should not be worried while answering exam and even charted a 'guide' for students on how to approach exams like a 'warrior'. He concluded by wishing all the students "Good Luck".

16th Feb, 2018


Farah Ahmed of class XI, daughter of Shri Ahmed Gayas represented Bikaner Division and participated in the Game of Table-Tennis in the event and secured Second position in Rajasthan State Games Talent Search Competition. She received a cheque of Rs. 700/-

Feb, 2018


Priya Lalwani, daughter of Mr. Thakur Das Lalwani and Neha Lalwani, studying in class 8th of Sophia Senior Secondary School, Bikaner, has set a record for 100% attendance in her school for eight years from the academic year 2009-10 to 2016-17 that is from preparatory class to class seventh. The award was given on 20th January by World Records India (WRI). WRI is managed by Genius Foundation that caters and supports people with firm determination and have the will to do something extraordinary and amazing.

Feb, 2018


Self-esteem is a catalyst to building a positive attitude in life and positive energy around oneself.
An interactive session was conducted by the councilor Sr. Jacinth on 7th Feb 2018 emphasizing on being positive so that our school could create morally responsible world citizens, who could be encouraged for the betterment of human race and the world at large. It was pointed out that self-esteem is the key to success. If one doesn't have self-esteem, he would continuously go on defeating himself in whatever he does. People with self-esteem handle difficulties, challenges and problems bravely. Further she focused on building positive self image, how to think BIG, how to build confidence and finally how to build successful relationships.
The motivational seminar enabled us to examine undesirable responses to troublesome situations and provided a mental 'software' to resolve them more effectively. Overall the seminar empowered all the teachers and left a life lasting impression on the minds and heart of the entire staff.

7th Feb, 2018


Our school was privileged to have in our midst our Mother General Sr. Savina accompanied by the councilor Sr. Jacinth on 7th February, 2018. Our honorable Sisters met all the teachers in the school auditorium and were given a warm welcome. A prayer service was conducted by the teachers.
Mother General Sr. Savina then addressed the staff with a short, simple and sweet speech. In her address she said that teachers need to be extremely vigilant, constantly observing their students in the classroom as bullying tends to take place when a teacher's attention is elsewhere. Teachers need to be relentlessly watchful with a heightened awareness. She concluded by emphasizing the importance of values in today's times and finally said that the support of one caring and concern teacher can make a difference in the world.
It was truly a very special blessing and a privilege to have sister Savina with us.

7th Feb, 2018

Farewell 2018

Students of XI class gathered in the school auditorium to bid farewell to the outgoing class XII batch on 27th January, 2018. The day was a fiesta devoted to the years spent together with friends and teachers to reminisce joyous moments. The auditorium was set ablaze with self introduction by class XII students. The last dance item put up by class XI students was well applauded. Mementoes were given to each student by the principal Sr. Virgin. Head girl Pratibha Shaurya presented a vote of thank. Keeping with the tradition of the school the outgoing batch lit candles, the high flame of knowledge and passed it on to the class XI students. Later everyone enjoyed the sumptuous lunch.

27th Jan. 2018


Republic Day was celebrated in the school with great enthusiasm on 26th January, 2018. The entire campus was decorated in advance. The main stage was decorated with tri-colour balloons. Sir Badri, the most experienced member of the Sophian family was the chief guest on this occasion. He was given a warm welcome by the management, staff and the students. First of all the National Flag was unfurled and the national Anthem was sung. It was followed by the march-past and a short cultural program. The chief guest addressed the audience and stressed upon the development of the nation. Finally with the distribution of the sweets the program came to an end.

26th Jan. 2018


The dawn of 26th January2018 marked its difference by the seminar based on Moral Values conducted by Father Alwin, Assistant Priest of St. Francis Xavier's church, Bikaner.
Father Alwin is highly spiritual youth motivator, a good orator and a very loving person. He motivated the students of class X and XII with his inspiring words.
His very first question "Do you love anyone?" was a really interesting start to the whole seminar. The way he linked the teenage emotions to bright future was really inspiring. His words directed a vision for overcoming emotional trauma and child abuse that a teenager faces. He suggested that if family members spend some time together, they can articulate their feelings easily and hence can make their relationship stronger. Truly it acted a blessing for the students. He blessed all the outgoing Sophians to reflect beautifully ever and always.

23rd Jan. 2018


Time management is the thinking skill that helps children to prioritize tasks and accurately judge the amount of time needed to complete them. A special assembly on the topic "Time Management" was conducted by the students of class 9th A in the school auditorium on Saturday 20th Jan, 2018. It was very motivating for the students and encouraged them to use their time effectively and smartly. Their ideas were showcased by beautiful thoughts, encouraging power-point-presentations, time management tips and the holy sayings from the Bible and the Bhagwad Gita. All of these contributed to make the assembly special and memorable one.

20nd Jan. 2018


"Christmas is not a time, nor a season, but a state of mind, to cherish peace and goodwill to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas." The joyous and glorious festival of Christmas was celebrated on 22nd December'17 in the auditorium. The students of secondary section conducted a devotional prayer service and the Kindergarten babies presented a live crib symbolising the scene of Christ's birth. The secondary students carried forward the prayer service. The secondary students also gave a presentation on the symbols of Christmas accompanied with music and dance. There were choir groups which displayed a beautiful rendition of hymns. Children enjoyed the most when Santa Claus came and danced with them. They were very happy to receive sweets from their loving Santa.

21-22 December 2017


A social visit was conducted by the school and representatives from the management (Rev. Sr. Principal, Sr. Superior and Sr. Maud), staff and the student office bearers visited six homeless families residing near the church, AnandMarg School (NGO, JNV colony), SevaSadan Ashram I and II ( Pawanpuri)for differently abled, ApnaGhar Ashram I (Rani Bazaar) and II (Vrindavan enclave),one branch for the Old members and the other branch for the differently abled, Old Age Home behind Sophia School, Blind School near Poly technique College, School at Naal.
All the items collected by students of Sophia Sr. Sec. School from kindergarten to Higher secondary were gifted to the people and children of the abovementioned institutions.

18-20 December 2017


Book exhibition cum sale was conducted by the Sisters of St Paul for all the students, parents and teachers. The books varied from fictional stories, scientific facts, General Knowledge, Mathematics etc. The students were enthusiastic and bought many books from the exhibition. The exhibition continued for the second day as students were keen on buying more books. The primary students were assisted by their teachers to choose the appropriate book according to their age.

8-9 December 2017


The Advent ceremony was conducted by the Principal with all the teaching and non-teaching staff to mark the beginning of the Christmas celebrations. Advent ceremony was conducted by the Principal with the message on why Christmas is celebrated and its significance. Teachers were asked to choose one card at random with the name of a staff member which was to be kept a secret till the day Christmas celebration. There was a prayer service along with the teaching and non-teaching staff.

1 December 2017


Class X and XII went for an excursion to Udaipur with their teachers. They were taken to City Palace, Fateh Sagar Lake, Saheliyon ki Badi and the Haldighati Museum. The students were told the importance of each place that they visited. The students enjoyed their journey and utilised the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate with their classmates.

24-26 November 2017


Seminar conducted by medical professionals emphasizing on the importance of girl child. The importance of gender equality and how to be self reliant so as to overcome this discrimination was projected. Women should be more aware of their health than before and keep themselves healthy with proper intake of nutrition and exercise. It was emphasised that physically and mentally healthier women will positively contribute to the society's progress.

17 November 2017


The School Annual Function with the theme "Mercy laced with justice" was held displaying the talents of the students along with the presentation of the Annual report and an inspirational speech by the Principal. The students welcomed the guests with a beautiful rendition and a dance sequence, the primary students mesmerized the audience with their portrayal of 'Saving the Girl Child', and a little skit of how God shows mercy to the downtrodden. The secondary students offered a beautiful prayer dance sequence showing the secularism of our nation, the struggles of differently abled people around the world through an beautiful dance presentation, the elements of nature and how hey govern our senses, the story of women who were outcasted by the society and finally were shown the warmth of Mercy by Gautam Buddha and Jesus Christ telling the people that forgiveness is the essence of mercy. The little angels of kindergarten spread their sweet love through their dances about colours and life. The chief guests made some encouraging speeches and applauded the efforts of the students and the staff.

14 November 2017


Guru Nanak Jayanti celebrated in special assembly by class X C who emphasized on the teachings of the great Sikh Guru. The students performed a skit where a family was shown to celebrate the great day with each other. The importance of family values, sharing, respect for the elders and care for children. The simplicity of Guru Nanak's teachings that make us better human beings was beautifully described.

03 November 2017

Provincial visit to the school

Sr. Kathleen, The Provincial head of the MSA visited the school on 17th July 2017. The students welcomed her with a prayer service followed by a prayer dance. A small skit based on the 'Parable of Talents' was staged bringing out the importance of using the talents given to us by God.
Sr. Kathleen in her address appreciated and complimented the efforts of the management, staff and students for what Sophia School, Bikaner is today and also urged the Sophians to live a life that is good, upright and of service to others, specially the poor and needy.
After the programme, a staff get together was arranged where she thanked the staff for collaborating wholehearted with the management in imparting good value based education to be students and motivated them to be more committed and dedicated to their duties and responsibilities.

17th July 2017

Investiture Ceremony 2017 - 18

22nd July 2017, the most coveted day for trail blazers, the leaders, role models and the chosen ones upholding the values of the school finally arrived and they were bestowed with the responsibility of leading the school from the front with them, commitment, confidence and competence.
This year also saw the proud parents witnessing the ceremony. The programme began with a prayer service followed by a prayer dance.
The Principal Sr. Virgin formally indicated the ceremonial sashes and flags to the newly appointed leaders. The student council took the oath under the leadership of the Head Girl Pratibha Shaurya. The Principal congratulated the office bearers and exhorted them to become better leaders of tomorrow. The programme concluded with the singing of the school anthem.

22nd July 2017

Seminar On Hygiene Awareness

A workshop on Menstrual health and hygiene was organized by the Procter and Gamble Company for the young girls of classes VI and VII. The aim was to sensitize them on various complications arousing due to lack of hygiene and enable them to lead a healthy life in future.

24 April 2017

Helper's Day Celebrations

Sophians expressed their love and gratitude to their helpers on this day by organizing a small cultural program which began with a prayer service followed by a prayer dance. Folk dances and a Comedy Act was also put up for their entertainment
The helpers were felicitated with gifts and bouquets. The students learnt the value of dignity of labour, selfless love, respect and kindness to all.
The school closed on the 13 of May, 2017 for the summer vacation to reopen on the 3 of July, 2017

1 May 2017


Management Day Celebrations

To express their love and gratitude towards the selfless service of our Rev. Sisters, the students of Primary Section celebrated the Management Day with the 'Bright Sun' as the theme. A meaningful prayer service was conducted followed by a dance performance. Students also presented cards and flowers to our sisters as a token of respect.

15 September 2018

Special Assembly - Teacher's Day

Students of the Primary Section showed their love and respect for their loving teachers by wishing them through a meaningful prayer service followed by a group song and a foot tap dance performance. The teachers felt award and appreciated by the cards and flowers presented by the students to them. Thanks to such a day that motivates our teachers to strive harder and harder.

5 September 2018

Janmashtami Celebration

Janmashtmi the birthday of Lord Krishna was celebrated in Primary Section with great enthusiasm and devotion. The students of class I conducted a special assembly conveying the message of - 'Victory of good over evil'. The children were dressed in the attires of Lord Krishna, Radha and Gopikas, creating a blissful scenario.

1 September 2018

English and Hindi Handwriting Competition

Practising handwriting is an incredibly important exercise for children, enabling them to develop fine motor skills and sense of confidence. As a neat and beautiful writing always seeks the attention of others, students took active participation by writing neatly in Hindi and English Handwriting Competition conducted for all the classes from I to V.

6 September 2018


'Everything has a new beginning' with this thought, class IV students had given a farewell to the students of class V on 10th Feb. 2018. A prayer service was conducted for the new start of seniors followed by a farewell song. Rev. Sister Principal and Rev. Sister Kripa motivated and guided the students of class V as they are stepping to the Secondary Section.

10th Feb 2018


The cultural programme was presented on the eve of 26th January 2018 at Ravindra Rangmanch by the students of class IV and V. The students performed with great feeling of patriotism and it was admired by the audience. Students received gifts, trophies and certificates for their performance.

26th Jan 2018

Speech Competition

Many poets have written poems and songs to reflect the fact that India has always been considered as Goddess. To pour our feelings for our motherland and express them. Primary Section organized a speech competition in which children participated with full enthusiasm. This competition gave the children a platform not only to express their views but also improve not only their diction and confidence. The winners were awarded.

15th July 2017

Drawing Competition

In this much awaited competition, the school was filled with vibrant colours when students of classes 1 to 5 painted and coloured their imagination. Students participated with great enjoyment.

22nd July 2017

Initiation Ceremony

The official formation of the Student's Council of Primary Section was done by the Primary Section. The office bearers for the academic year 2017 - 18 were sworn in and this auspicious occasion was boosted up by the presence of our dear 'Sisters' as Chief Guest who presented sashes and tags to the Head Girl and the Student Council. Sophians wrapped the programme with finale of "Sophian Anthem".

29th July 2017


Helper's Day was celebrated in our school to broaden the horizons of the children, to show our love and gratitude towards our helpers. The programme started with a prayer service followed by a short cultural programme. This programme gave the message that every work is equal and important. The helpers were felicitated with gifts and bouquets. Various games and gifts were arranged for the helpers, along with a lunch and outing. The programme was successful and students learnt the value dignity of labour and love, respect and kindness to all.

29th July 2017

Poetry and Debate Competition: 6 and 8 MAY 2017

In today's competitive world, where we compete for almost everything we sought a few words of wisdom from our students of primary section by putting up a poetry competition (Classes 1 to 3) and debate competition (4 and 5) which marvelously helped the children to communicate and express their views effectively. This programme gave that innate motivation that these kids by offering them these kinds of competitions and enhances their ability to be competitive giving them an important edge.



Much awaited moment for children to receive the awards for their hard work through out the year. Prizes were given by Sr. Divya and Sr. Maud for academics and competitions too.

Feb 2018


As this month is known as patriotic festive season. Children of Kindergarten section and their role in showing love and respect towards our country by singing melodious patriotic songs with great zeal and enthusiasm. They also depict unity in diversity through their songs and characters.

22nd Jan. 2018

Recitation Competition

Recitation competition was held for K.G Section in the auditorium where they recite some wonderful rhymes. Sister appreciated our little ones for their performance.

31st July 2017